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Standard Edition

                        Double Standard Edition

Use one, two, three or four players and cross-fade playlists like a Pro with a single click

  • Below, see what Concrete DJ looks like on a single wide-screen monitor
Album art appears on the lower toolbar as you DJ.  You can hide toolbars and show the Windows desktop instead by clicking the Desktop button on the top toolbar.  You can right-click for a menu and change skins too!  Shown above is the "leather and chrome" skin.  Choose from the many different skins included, or browse to any graphic and use it for your own "custom" skin.
  • Drag-and-drop music from the media library or from Windows folders on players. 
  • Push Play to fade songs automatically between players.
  • Click the shifter knob to launch for more players.

Pretty easy huh?  While advanced features are ready when you need them, using Concrete DJ is really just 1-2-3:

Gear Up with 1 to 20 players.     Manual, Semi, or Fully-Automatic.
Lock and Load Drag-and-drop media files or folders on player lists.
Just Push Play on Any Player.     Fades live automatic players ... well, automatically.


DJ'ing with Concrete DJ is as easy, or as advanced, as you need it to be.  Rock on!
  • If you wanna use players in wide-mode (as shown below), just stretch the player window side-ways.
  • If you wanna get at advanced features when you aren't in wide-mode, just click LED meters (left of Automatic/CrossFade buttons) and you'll see advanced controls for EQ, ANT and beat matching.
See that little blue LED at the upper left of the player?

Just click it to switch player modes quickly.

  • Blue is fully-automatic.  Use fully-automatic players (yellow LED)
     to let Concrete DJ do the work so you can enjoy the party.
  • Green is semi-automatic.  Use semi-automatic players (green LED)
    to simplify DJ'ing.  Start one and fade-out another by just clicking Play.
  • Yellow is manual.  Use manual players (blue LED)
     for full control to do sound-on-sound or other special effects.

Read on for more details, Concrete DJ is for more advanced customers that want to take it to the next level.  Both Concrete DJ and Self-DJ, run on our exclusive touch screen jukebox, available only to affiliates.  If you are interested in becoming the first in your area to earn an income by offering this exciting service, check out or  watch the video.

Player Quick Reference           Player Detailed Reference

Minimize players to the Concrete DJ task bar anytime while still being able to drag-and-drop on the playlist.  Launch as many players as you need.  Each has its own window.  Resize and arrange player windows on your desktop however you wish.  Arrange the screen automatically or resize as needed, your way.  Concrete DJ offers you superior flexibility and ease-of-use.  Run Concrete DJ in full-screen mode and minimize players to the Concrete DJ task bar.  Or, click the Desktop button and use players on your Windows desktop instead.  DJ your way.

Concrete DJ makes it easier for the enthusiast to enjoy his or her music collection to the fullest.  Use Concrete DJ to enjoy great sounding music at home with no effort.  You can do much more, with better sound quality, than with iTunes or Media Player with no Internet commercials.

For the  professional DJ, now you can focus on your performance, finally, the computer does the work.  Concrete DJ lets you DJ without a lot of fuss so you can focus on your audience, not on your DJ software.

Karaoke for the new age.  LRC files are simply text files that contain lyrics and timing.  You can download them for free on the Internet or create you own.  The beauty of LRC is that you can do karaoke for ANY song.  How does it work?  If an LRC file is found in the same folder as the sound file you are playing, and the LRC file has the exact same file name, except with the file type .lrc instead of mp3, etc. it is automatically loaded when the song starts playing.  That way you can view lyrics in a resizable window, karaoke style, by simplfy selecting Karaoke from the drop-down media list.  Select "All Items" to browse your media library, "Explorer" to browse you hard drive for media files, and other options from the drop-down media list.  Karaoke is available with Concrete DJ Professional Edition or higher.  Full-blown karaoke, using standard CDG+ or .BIN digital sound files, is available right now with our Self-DJ product.

Pop-up requests.  Stand out from the competition and get more bookings.  Concrete DJ receives pop-up requests in real-time.  DJ'ing is easy when your guests can make their requests directly on the Self-DJ Jukebox without interrupting you.  They can send you requests from any PC running Self-DJ software on a network, or even from the same PC by using two display monitors.  Self-DJ Requests not only helps involve your guests but also displays your logo and contact information every time they make a request to help increase bookings.  Concrete DJ notifies you that you've received requests and they automatically show up on a Requests playlist in Concrete DJ.  From there, simply drag-and-drop requests onto any player.  Some DJ's prefer to dedicate one player just for requests.  If you are running Concrete DJ and Self-DJ at the same time on one PC, you can even switch to Self-DJ mode and let your guests take over during breaks, or Karaoke mode, and then switch back to Requests mode when you want to starting DJ'ing again.  Requests is available with all editions of Concrete DJ.

Why do I need more than 2 players?  Simple.  More than 2 players gives you more than 2 playlists and makes it easier for you to play the right song, at the right time.  After all, isn't that what its all about?  You will be ready to play the right song at the right time, all the time.  Load players with slow songs, fast songs, dance sets, country sets, comedy sets ... whatever works best for you.  Use as many as players as you need.  You can minimize players (but still see playlists and have drag-and-drop access to their playlists) on the Concrete DJ task bar.  Fully resizable players in their own windows lets you see your playlists more easily no matter what size display you have.  Even across multiple display monitors.  There is no other media player or DJ software on the planet that comes even close to this level of flexibility.  Being able to push Play to start one while fading out another is pretty slick.  Concrete DJ is unlike anything on the market today.  EACH player has its own playlist and is fully resizable in its own window.  Concrete DJ players fit any size display perfectly.  Run Concrete DJ full-screen, in its own window, or minimize Concrete DJ to run other applications at the same time.

How does ANT make my music sound better?  Only Concrete DJ has Automatic Normalization Technology (ANT™) .  What is normalization?  Volume normalization compensates for one song being louder than another.  Old-fashioned normalization sets an average volume level once for the whole song.  Since there is no "average" song, normalization is at best a compromise and does nothing for sound quality.  Concrete DJ's exclusive Automatic Normalization Technology (ANT™) samples volume levels and optimizes input levels for more clarity and a wider soundstage than old-fashioned volume normalization.  ANT fine-tunes levels the way a real DJ does with a mixer, only more smoothly, and automatically as needed, to maximize headroom and minimize distortion.  The result is far more open sound stage with superb detail and balance.  Your music will sound cleaner and more airy, with more dynamic range.  You've spent a lot of time and money to build a great music collection.  Why not hear it sound its best?  You'll love it!  Plus, Concrete DJ automatically EQ's songs by genre -- no need for an equalizer!  Use the pre-defined EQ curves for each genre or change them, your way.  Let Concrete DJ do the work while you enjoy the party!  To top it off, Concrete DJ uses superior sound engine technology from Italy, you know, where they make those really fast and exotic high performance cars.  For a little more icing on the cake, Concrete DJ uses special high performance programming techniques, saving CPU cycles to use reproducing your music more clearly instead.

How do I get started with Concrete DJ?  After you install Concrete DJ, you are greeted with the Concrete DJ dashboard.  You can start DJ'ing right away by simply clicking the DJ button.  Click the shift knob to launch players.  Start playing songs right away by choosing Explorer from the media drop-down list and browsing your hard drive(s) for media files.  Drag-and-drop them on Concrete DJ players.  Click the flashing Play button to start one playlist while fading out another.

Choose manual, automatic or automatic cross-fading players.  Cross-fade automatic players with a single click.  Or use manual players for complete control and sound-on-sound effects.  Works like a DJ or sound man does with a mixer, only faster and smoother.  Use a single player or more players so you can cross-fade between.  Click CrossFade to synchronize cross-fading between two players.  If you have an Internet connection, Concrete DJ even downloads album art for items in your library and displays it while you play, as thumbnails on the taskbar, or as a mosaic on a 2nd monitor.  

How do I start building my media file collection?  To automate the process, use the MediaMerge utility.  Instead of searching your hard drive for media let MediaMerge find those elusive media files and put them in your searchable media library, automatically.  The media library makes it really easy to find songs by artist, title, etc., even sort by year and other criteria.  The full-version of MediaMerge included with the Professional Edition or higher, also makes it easy to duplicate your media file collection on external hard drives while reorganizing and renaming media files at the same time on the target drive.  It is great to have a large media file collection.  It is even greater when it is organized into folders by artist and songs are named so you can tell what what they are at a glance, e.g., ACDC - Back In Black.mp3.  This gives you another way to find what you are looking for quicker.

After you've used MediaMerge, fire up Concrete DJ by clicking the DJ button on the dashboard and your media file collection gets loaded automatically.  It takes less than 20 seconds to load a library with 100,000 songs on a typical PC (wow!), click the shifter to launch players.  You get two with the Standard Edition, four with Double Standard,  eight with the Professional ... up to 20 cross-fading players with the Ultimate Edition.  Each player with its own playlist.  If you run out of room on your display, extend your DJ desktop onto a second monitor.  Or, just minimize individual players and playlists to your toolbar ... you can still see the playlists.  This thing is amazing!

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