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Full Product Installations (all Editions)




Includes:  Self-DJ®, MediaMerge™*

14,260 KB


Includes:  Groovin™

8,791 KB


Includes:  Concrete Minii™, Recorder, Editor, Ripper, Video

5,616 KB 6/21/13


Includes:  Concrete DJ™, with free music from Dan-O, preinstalled, plus MediaMerge and Tools (9/5/11 build)

59,015  KB


Product Updates




Updates:  Self-DJ® and MediaMerge*
C:\Self-DJ (all editions)

1,865 KB

Included in and up:  Self-DJ®
Extract from zip file and save to Self-DJ\Sounds

1,530 KB 11/2/12


Updates:  Groovin™

1,535 KB


Updates:  Concrete Minii, Recorder, Editor, Ripper, Video
C:\Concrete Tools

1,190 KB 6/21/13


Updates:  Concrete DJ and MediaMerge* (9/5/11 build)
Please update Concrete Tools separately

3,821 KB

*MediaMerge Standard Edition comes with Concrete DJ and Self-DJ.  The Professional version comes with Professional and Ultimate versions.

Program File Only Updates




608 KB


1,284 KB
    Concrete DJ 


3,688 KB


2,836 KB
    Marketing Intelligence


1,292 KB


940 KB


3,080 KB


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480 KB


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Other Downloads




Windows Media format setup package required to play Windows Media files (wma) without Windows Media Player.

3.89 MB



Windows Media Player enhancement adds additional fields when exporting Windows Media Player library for importing into Concrete DJ.

3.44 MB



Redistributable from Microsoft required to use all features in Concrete DJ products.

33.4 MB


Redistributable from Microsoft for Windows 2000 SP4.  Comes with XP and higher Windows versions.  Save .DLL to \System32 folder.

934 KB GDI+


Remote control web site.

Documentation and On-line Information Pages




Users manual

6,015 KB


    Concrete DJ

Compiled help library for Concrete DJ™ 1,888 KB


    Groovin Compiled help library for Groovin™
    Tools Learn more about Concrete Tools™
    Minii Learn more about Concrete Minii
    Ripper Learn more about Concrete Ripper™
    Recorder Learn more about Concrete Recorder™
    Editor Learn more about Concrete Sound Editor™
    MediaMerge Learn more about Concrete MediaMerge™
    TopArtists List of top artists

Beta Versions



Release Notes

General Information

All Concrete DJ software runs on Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 with 2GB or more RAM for best performance.  Dual-display video and dual-output sound card are also recommended to use all features.  If you are using Windows 2000, please be advised that artist, title and other file properties did not yet exist in Windows.  For this reason, you may get better results when adding media to your library with XP or higher.  MediaMerge updates your media library contained in three files:  \System\Media.dat, \System\MediaX.dat, and \System\Media.ndx if you want to be able to copy them and create various libraries manually.  Without XP or higher, tag information may not be correct for wma, and some other sound file types.

While Windows  2000 and XP (recommended), offer you the most stable platforms, for any music software, Vista and 7 platforms offer you higher fidelity with the new Windows Sound Manager.  Wave level settings are no longer available under Windows Vista and 7 with the new Sound Manager..

If you are installing a Concrete DJ product for the first time, use the Complete Installation Setup Download above.  If you wish to update a previously installed product, use the Update Only Download instead.  The update automatically creates a date-stamped backup copy.  

Program Only Updates are intended for experienced users to manually replace the main executable without performing an update.

Release Candidates are updates not fully tested and not yet certified for a production release.  They represent the latest builds.

Product Releases



Concrete DJ

  • Automatically removes .bin files from visible media library items if found in media.dat while loading
  • Automatically removes songs from playlist that are < 30 seconds when using automatic cross-faders
  • Windows 7 compatibility enhancements
  • Updated sound engine
  • New enhanced buttons, and Cross-Fader, optimized for touch screen
  • New mini buttons on Control Panel/Launcher make it easier to find items on different media lists
  • Now with 10 free songs from
  • The full installation comes with starter music preloaded, so you can quickly learn by example, while listening to some fine riffs from Dan-O
  • New enhanced properties with separate fields for genre code and genre string to match mp3 tag
  • New, more automatic program start-up.  Now, two players are automatically loaded and automatic crossfaders are engaged, if media library is not empty (prevent automatic crossfaders from starting by changing mode to manual on either player)
  • New live mode switching between automatic, automatic crossfaders, manual, and manual crossfaders for a more dynamic performance
  • New enhanced manual cross-fading with color coded player numbers on cross-fader
  • New color-coded player numbers for easy identification, click numbers to quickly switch between player modes
  • New media list indicator letter compliments player numbers and doubles as a way to quickly switch media lists with a single click
  • New on-line web, and web help links
  • Pop-up notes now use Windows NotePad
  • Wav and other files, not already in media library, with missing or incomplete tag information, are assigned default values for playlist fields like album, year, instead of being left blank 
  • New Launch Control Panel media list letter at lower right, click to view a different list
  • New Player numbers at lower right of player, click to change modes between manual and automatic
  • New look; EQ visible when player first started 
  • New large, red Start button to launch Concrete DJ
  • New main menu option to disable ANT™ for all players at once and set dB to +/- 0dB
  • New status message when mouse over wave, system, and player level LED's on lower taskbar to simplify minimizing and restoring players and launch control panel
  • With sound effects on, sometimes Exit button would not shut down Concrete DJ properly 
  • When adding items to a manual player, if the player was playing or paused, it was interrupted to load the item
  • When dragging-dropping items on a manual player, if player was playing or paused, item could not be removed from list, and cue here/remove here buttons stayed visible obscuring control buttons, and buttons could not be hidden by clicking
  • When loading library, duration is computed for items if missing
  • Now with full manual cross-fading control and more
  • Includes support for upcoming Concrete DJ Professional 8-player Edition
  • One-click loops support in Sound Effects list
  • New top-mount manual cross-fader pops-up on the launcher/control panel window automatically when two or more manual players are loaded
  • New side-mount BPM sliders pop-up automatically when switching players to manual mode
  • Added menu option to scan BPM for a single item, or to scan all items in the media library
  • Internal performance improvements
  • Concrete Update also updates Concrete Tools and Billboard beta test version
  • Streamlined mouse-over logic for top toolbar to avoid "skipping" under load with lowered powered or memory deficient PCs
  • Corrected a problem for dual display PCs when tiling where margins were computed incorrectly
  • Added Save Items menu to allow saving of Requests, Played Items, Duplicates, Explicit, Holiday and Custom Items playlists at any time
  • Added Custom Items media list to show media file items marked as oldies, slow/medium/fast songs, dance, super, instrumentals, and other filter types as separate lists
  • Added a center volume control button on players
  • Clicking stop button on manual players stops playing immediately instead of fading out like automatic players
  • Corrects an item not found error when accessing properties for a media library item with album art


  • Added ability to monitor items on playlist on secondary output
  • Corrects a problem where media list is not sorted by genre when using Genre buttons in manual mode.
  • Corrected an issue where it was possible to prompt without the Yes/No buttons being visible
  • Selecting minimize button in Setup mode now automatically clicks OK before minimizing form
  • ***NOTE***  For best results with touch screen monitors, set the Scrollbar size to 32 (default is 16) to make scroll bars twice as wide.  Click the Advanced button in Display Properties on XP or earlier, and Window Color, Advanced on Vista and later
  • Displays track# properly on Windows Vista or higher when library is loaded with MediaMerge or higher.  
  • Adds vertical scroll bar to playlist
  • Uses a single set of Up/Down buttons which moves thru music one page at a time
  • Moves volume control from center to left side of screen.
  • For touch screen, in Control Panel, Display, Properties, Advanced, set scroll bar width manually to 32 (default is 16) for touch screen
  • Corrects problem where playlist can be sometimes hidden temporarily when Show/Hide buttons are used
  • Nice stable release with no known reliability or crash problems even after over a week of continuous use.
  • Corrects a problem where the program may stop working if left unattended for long periods of time.
  • Enhanced support for Genres
  • Enhanced support for various genres of music updates for licensed affiliates running Self-DJ Ultimate Edition only
  • Supports new Groovin music update utility for licensed affiliates running Self-DJ Ultimate Edition only
  • Enhanced Setup with support for Concrete DJ, Groovin, and Reset
  • Increased default number of title characters displayed from 42 to 66 so title is not cut off or wrapping
  • For songs without good tags, display the information in the media library instead for title/artist/album information
  • If album is blank, display booking info, or web site info if no phone#
  • Ability to change between EQ, Monitor, and Years in Manual mode
  • Corrected an issue where playlist could be reordered without entering password
  • Start-up and LogOff sounds now play at 60% volume (was 20%)
  • Increased time from 5 to 10 seconds when displaying previously played list
  • Corrected a issue where karaoke was occasionally not visible when first started
  • Corrected an issue where the top item on the playlist could not always be removed
  • Enhanced performance
  • New Play Next button
  • New integrated Playlists creation
  • New Tool option in Setup
    Automatically update your software over the Internet
  • New Tools option in Setup
    Calibrate touch screen display
    Monitor CPU temperature and load
    Start Windows on-screen keyboard
    Display sound engine information
  • Monitor songs in manual mode while playing different songs on your main speakers
  • Timer automatically returns to jukebox mode and keeps playing if left in karaoke mode unattended
  • New manual mode
  • Separate playlists for jukebox and karaoke
  • Many, many new enhancements and performance improvements
  • New ANT algorithm with smoother response
  • Unavailable playlist items are shown in red
  • New option in Setup for advanced solo Self-DJ's to show EQ, volume and other controls during playback (this option is not intended for use by rental customers unless there is only one more advanced Self-DJ)
  • Windows 7 compatibility enhancements
  • New Visual C installation script
  • Updated sound engine with support for new Windows Sound Manager in Vista and 7
  • New delayed start-up offers the ability to manually choose songs before auto-play
  • Includes support for Ultimate Edition which includes X10 and MP3+G karaoke
  • New!  Singer sign in.  Singer's name is displayed on both displays so they know to come up for there song, and to highlight the active singer.
  • Karaoke now supports dual screen operation. 
  • New! Karaoke now supports dual screen operation.  Choose songs, and control the show on your main display.  Show lyrics, and which singers are coming up on a second display
Not released
  • New!  Now plays MP3+G and.BIN karaoke
  • New on-screen help tutorials
  • New Rip button to rip CD's using Concrete Ripper is now available in Setup
  • Self-DJ could appear to hang when songs in the media library are missing if an external hard drive is not attached, etc.
  • Year column may not have been visible with certain display resolutions
  • New button shows songs already played (automatically restores playlist after 5 seconds)
  • New ability for the Self-DJ to reorder songs on playlist with drag-and-drop
  • New ability to drag-and-drop songs on playlist for advanced users
  • New on-screen instructions visible when X10 light and appliance controls not visible
  • Corrected installation problem where user could not add files to media library because of a registration issue with MediaMerge controls unless Concrete DJ or Concrete Tools had previously been installed
  • Now includes support for wireless lighting and appliance control using  X10 CM17A FireCracker in Ultimate Edition (M80.ocx), see for more information
  • This version creates an M3U playlist and transactional copy of the media library files in C:\My Playlists\ if M3U option is checked, otherwise a copy of the media library files is created at the root being searched for media
  • Adds base support for M3U extended format
  • New check box for creating M3U file in C:\My Playlists\  (default is checked)
  • New check box for M3U Extended  (default is unchecked)
  • Search defaults to C:\New Music\ if the folder exists, otherwise the My Documents folder for username
  • Loads track# for songs properly on Windows Vista and higher
  • Adds a URL link for
  • New command line options
  • Support for Groovin
  • Many internal enhancements for improved operation
  • File import enhancements
  • Updated logo graphics
  • Performance improvement loading files
  • Corrects a possible problem reading mp3 tags which could cause a shortened title, artist, or album description when loading files into the media library
  • Now supports standard genre code, in addition to genre string, when adding items to the media library
  • Corrected a Windows Vista and Windows 7 problem where song title could be incorrectly replaced by the file title when merging
  • Added a handy drop-down list, replacing old text box for source folder
  • Added basic support for importing .XML files and converting them to .m3u

    Concrete Tools™

  • Fixed a problem where sometimes sound files or playlists opened by association did not play
  • Minii now starts in "midi-view" mode with buttons visible when first started (was mini-mode previously)
  • Fixed a problem where files opened by association did not correctly display tag information
  • Enhanced export feature to name output file using artist -, or when left blank, where xxx is the file type
  • Enhanced fast editing
  • Play a sound when done ripping
  • Fast edit option automatically edits the next track after saving properties
  • New fix titles option for Artist_Title in Title
  • New fix titles option for Title_Artist in Title
  • Fast edit option skips album art fade-in
  • Option to use CD title for containing folder, defaults automatically if CD ripped contains titles from various artists
  • Ability to change artist, year, and genre for all tracks when editing properties
  • New ability to play CD track by double-clicking
  • Click refresh button after entering artist name and album (if no CD text) and Ripper will search Internet for remaining tracks and titles
  • New options to remove ", The" in artist's name
  • CD automatically ejects after all tracks have been ripped
  • Double-click skin to toggle between Maxi and Mini view modes
  • Added ability to load and start playing a playlist (.m3u) or a sound file on start-up by passing full filespec to Minii as a command line argument
  • Command line argument "playlist" puts Minii in playlist editor mode




    Active Sound Engine (adjmmseng.dll)

1.35 MB

    Active DJ Studio (amp3dj1.ocx)

524 KB

    Active Sound Recorder (asrecmms.ocx)

916 KB

    Active Sound Editor (asoedmms.ocx)

460 KB
    3D Button (3dabm8u.ocx) 381 KB
    Slider (slider.ocx) 184 KB
    M80.ocx (X10) 40 KB

Update Modules



    Concrete Update (ConcreteUpdate.exe)

284 KB

    Self-DJ Update (SelfDJUpdate.exe)

284 KB

    Groovin Update (GroovinUpdate.exe)

284 KB
If an update didn't work for you, uninstall and reinstall the product you are using to update core components.  You can find core components in the Windows\System32 folder and determine the version by viewing properties.  Core components are normally updated only after performing a complete installation.


When installing older product releases, the media library data structure may have been changed to accomodate new features.  If you run into problems and still wish to use the older product, either: 1) Delete the old media library files manually, 2) Click the Reset button in Setup mode if you are running Self-DJ JUKEBOX, or 3) Restore a compatible version of media library files (look for date-stamped backup copies).  Media library files are located in the \System folder and on external media you may be using.  Be sure all three media library files, which include media.dat, mediaX.dat and media.ndx, are from the same date.  If you start up any Concrete DJ product with no media library files, new versions will be created automatically.  Please note that you will need to run MediaMerge to re-add items to your library.

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